Travel like a Pro: Luxurious Vacations on a Budget

Each of us has that dream destination we’ve wanted to go to or have been saving for. There are different names—Maldives, Hawaii, or Bali comes to mind—but there’s only one purpose when you go there: to relax. Some of us are luckier and get to spend time in at least one dream destination. Most of us, however, don’t get that chance.

The biggest reason, as it turns out, is because of money. Well, here are six destinations that give you that relaxing vacation without breaking the bank.

A Boat Ride. A trip on a boat sounds nice, but how about on a yacht? You could take this in place of the many luxury cruises that are actually nice but too expensive. Prices go for high of $3000+ to only $1000+ for a week on a cruise. It could be a romantic getaway or you can get the group together. You can also visit coasts cruise ships normally can’t dock on.

Take a Dip. A relaxing dip at the Canyon Ranch spa gives a person time to think things through. If you’ve gone on that well-deserved, hard-earned for vacation, prices start at $500 a night per person. That’s just the standard there—other spas charge lower rates for the day and also include activities such as fitness activities and other spa-related relaxing sessions.

By the Beach. While there are many activities one could do on the beach, one of the best reasons to go there is for the beautiful scenery. Mexico has some of the best beach fronts in the world as well as a culture that is undeniably attractive. Considering that the exchange rate—at 20.69 Mexican pesos to a dollar—you’ve got a getaway that won’t get you bankrupt for only a vacation.

In the Caribbean. Speaking of beach fronts, the Caribbean are one of the world’s best places to go to if you’re looking for sand, sea, and surf. Puerto Rico and the other territories making up the Caribbean are open ground for people looking for a luxurious vacation minus the cost. Puerto Rico isn’t popular only for its beaches; if you love a bit of history, you won’t go wrong taking a vacation here.

Get Wild. If the water and the sand aren’t for you, then a different kind of sand, perhaps? An African safari could be too expensive, but at $150 a night, you can already find the kind of wilderness you thought you can only experience in a $1000 a night safari. It’s good to go during the low season—during the months of May to September—to avail of the lowest rates possible.

On the Island. One of the best ideas for a getaway is to go on a Greek holiday. While the Euro may be experiencing a crisis, it’s actually one of the better times to go into the Greek islands. You’re getting the best of the dollar as well as a vacation you never thought you could experience. Visit Crete and the other parts of Greece while you’re at it.

You don’t need to break the bank just to have a vacation that’s steeped in luxury. Think out of the box and outsmart luxury vacations with quick common sense—and these tips—to live luxury within a budget.