Cars and You: How to maintain your Car like a Man

We’ve seen it all before—a car that just begs for a few drops of water as well as a small scrub from foamcleaner. It could be a by-product of rain or just plain neglect. However, that’s not your only problem. There’s also the interior of the car; the motor might be in need of an overhaul, while the insides might be in need of a shine.

Welcome to the world of having to care for your car. It’s one of the things you inherit when you’re growing. If you need help, consider these tips to keep your car just as your dad had kept it.

Clean the Windshield

Keeping the windshield clean is important simply because you need to see everything that’s happening in front of you on the road. There are cleaners that do this and more—some cleaners also wash off unsightly water marks that are a result of acid rain. Go after high-quality cleaners to make sure your windshield is getting the needed cleaning it should receive.

Keep the Tires Aired

Blow-outs on the road are a result of poor tire pressure, but that’s only one problem. You’re also risking bad mileage as well as poor breaking with poor tires. You should always keep your tires filled with air but only up to the proper pressure. Rotating tires is also a good idea—you’re keeping your tires evenly worn, making sure you get your money’s worth out of them.

Clean the Outside

A clean car is a sight to behold while a dirty car is something that’s both a detriment and the butt of jokes. It’s also a picture of how you care for your car. You should grab cleaners that won’t leave nicks and scratches on your car. Aside from giving your car a brand new look, some cleaners also preserve  the brand new look of certain cars, making for a shiny appearance even if your car is decades old.

Get your Brakes Checked

Getting your brakes checked isn’t vanity but it’s a necessity. You should have a professional check it even if there’s no weird sound coming from them as you drive. The brake pads should be replaced as well as the calipers. A loss of braking power, especially on the high-way, shouldn’t be taken lightly; not only will you be endangering yourself but the other motorists sharing the road with you too.

Check your light bulbs

It’s important to keep your light bulbs new and unobstructed. Driving in the dark without light bulbs is considered a death wish, especially if you’ve got bad eyes. If one of your light bulbs starts dimming or becomes dark, you should have it checked or replaced. There is a lot of high-performance, new technology light bulbs available in the market that you won’t have to replace every year. You should go for those ones.

Keep your Engines oiled

Make sure to check your engine as it’s the most important part of your car. Without it, your car is just another very expensive decoration sitting in your garage. Check everything—the oil so you know whether it’s time to change it and the fan belt so you won’t have a weird sound coming from the engine. After that, make sure to take it out on a test drive so you’ll see if everything went according to plan or not.

Checking your car isn’t only for cosmetic and personal purposes. It’s also part of being a responsible adult as well as a responsible driver on the road.